The Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership Profile

This Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership Profile explores how your leadership capabilities are impacted by your preferences. This profile is ideal for increasing self-awareness of your leadership shadow, for leadership coaching and the basis of leadership development programmes.

It enables you to examine how your unique Insights Discovery colour energy mix creates both strengths and challenges in your approach to leadership.

The Insights Transformational Leadership model comprises eight dimensions of leadership.

Delivering Results – Honouring commitments and exceeding expectations.

Leading Change – Initiating and directing transformation

Creating a Compelling Vision – Determining a winning direction

Communicating with Impact – Inspiring and influencing with emotional awareness

Fostering Teamwork – Collaborating to build effective relationships

Facilitating Development – Nurturing the growth of self and others

Leading from Within – Raising self-awareness and living your values

Agile Thinking – Engaging different thinking modes

The Transformational Leadership profile provides a structured and detailed overview of how you lead self, team and the organisation, highlights strengths, challenges and provides recommendations for personal development.


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