Beginning the Journey

In this game-changing introductory workshop, participants explore who they are, how they may be seen by others and what they can do to improve their performance and working relationships through increased levels of self-awareness.  

Insights Discovery is a simple and accessible four-color model which, accompanied by an Insights Discovery Personal Profile, helps people understand more about themselves and others so they can have more respectful, productive and positive working relationships.

Delivered as an engaging half -day or one-day workshop, Insights Discovery helps create a common language that makes it easier to identify strengths and address weaknesses, so that individuals and teams can perform at their highest level. 

Once the online evaluator is completed, each person receives an Insights Discovery Personal Profile. An extremely powerful tool, it can be used to resolve conflict, improve communication, and help teams see the value of each other’s contribution at work. The profile is then used during the session and can be used in one-to-one coaching sessions.

  • Learn more about yourself and receive your own in-depth personal profile
  • Forge better relationships with the people you work with, based on mutual understanding
  • Use a methodology for recognizing behavioural preferences and their value in the workplace
  • Have fun while creating lasting connections with your session colleagues
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