The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is a personal and team development tool that gives individuals an engaging and transformational insight into themselves and others.

All profiles include the Foundation chapter you can add other chapters depending on your needs:

Foundation Chapter

Your Insights Discovery personal profile is created through an online 25-frame questionnaire, and starts with a Foundation chapter.

This chapter will describe your personal style, strengths, weaknesses, value to the team, communication style, potential blind spots, opposite type and suggestions for development.

The Insights Discovery personal profile doesn’t just stop there. Based on your teams’ or leaders’ needs the profile also offers the following chapters:

Effective Selling Chapter

Anyone whose role involves selling or influencing people will find this chapter invaluable. It is an ideal component for a sales training programme and an excellent coaching tool for sales managers to use with their team members.
The chapter explores Before the Sale Begins, Identifying Needs, Proposing, Handling Buyer Resistance, Gaining Commitment, Follow-up and Follow-through & Sales Preference indicators. This powerful chapter helps sales people learn how to maximise their sales effectiveness by engaging all four Insights® colour energies as relevant to the customer throughout the six stage sales process:-
Before the Sale begins (preparation)
Identifying Needs
Proposing the Solution
Dealing with Buying Resistance
Gaining Commitment
Follow-up and Follow-through
Those who are not in a direct sales role will still find the content highly relevant to improve their influencing and customer service skills.

Personal Achievement Chapter

This chapter explores how an individual can grow and improve in different areas of personal achievement. It can form an integral part of a Personal Effectiveness programme and/or support a one-to-one coaching programme. The chapter includes Living on Purpose, Life & Time Management, Personal Creativity, Life Long Learning & Learning Style.

This is a perfect chapter for:
– One to One Coaching
– Talent Management
– Work/Life Balance – Goal Alignment
– Career Management
– Motivation
– Out Placement
– Time management