Coaching is a powerful relationship designed to help you:

  • Deepen your own awareness of who you are and gain clarity on what truly matters to you,
  • Clearly define your goals and dreams whether personal or professional,
  • Uncover the obstacles and self-imposed limitations that stand in your way to success, and
  • Get you into action to start to create the results you are seeking.

Without a doubt the number one barrier to us achieving success in any endeavour will be ourselves. While the number one predictor of success is being clear on what we really want and why, and then being relentless in the pursuit of turning our goals and dreams into a reality. Essentially, coaching is moving people from where they are…to where they want to be.

Conflict Coaching

Build your Conflict Competency. Gain confidence in difficult conflict situations.

Conflict Coaching is a confidential one to one process that helps individuals, workers and leaders handle difficult conversations, deal with difficult people and improves relationships.  It also builds awareness of why some conflicts recur in people’s lives.  We provide conflict coaching  to individuals, developing and senior leaders.

Don’t be sidelined by organizational conflict. Confidentially talking through interpersonal conflict issues with a skilled conflict coach and carefully considering options can  greatly enhance your career prospects and reduce  unnecessary suffering