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Maslow was misunderstood. Meet employees emotional needs for safety and security.

I recently read a great HBR article called , "Make Sure Your Employees’ Emotional Needs Are Met" by Susan David about Maslows "hierarchy" of needs that supports the emerging view that beneath our behaviours and perceptions are underlying primary emotions, and that these emotions are based on feeling secure in our relationships - at home, [...]

Get Healthy – Reach out and Connect – Neuroscience research

We now know through hundreds of research studies that our physical and emotional / mental health improves when we are connected to someone who cares for us.  Recent advances in  Neuroscience research and attachment theory is that isolation—not just physical isolation but emotional isolation—is traumatizing for human beings. The brain actually codes it as danger [...]

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Are you there for me? Under most fights, couples are desperate to know this.

We now know what love is says the originator of EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Dr. Sue Johnson. Johnson says it's the continual search for a basic, secure connection with someone else. Through this bond, partners in love become emotionally dependent on each other for nurturing, soothing, and protection.  This article is adapted from Dr. Johnson's [...]

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Giving Process Feedback improves performance

Why You Should Get Into a Growth Mindset .  When it comes to your abilities, your skills are not fixed, but can  grow and change.  Eduardo Briceno explains why having a growth mindset is the most important factor to success at work and in life. via Happify - The Daily Happifier Why You Should Get [...]

Five Holiday Stress Busters

The holiday season has kicked off in its usual high voltage style. What will you do to manage the demands of work, family and sometimes ‘impossible’ expectations? In today’s text-driven, multi-tasking world you are most likely wondering how you will find time in your already packed schedule for holiday activities, your job, your family and [...]

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