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How Your Attachment Style Affects Your Relationship

Sue Johnson is the worlds leading authority on Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.  In this short video, she and a panel of Couples Therapy experts talk about how your attachment style affects your relationship.   As a couple in relationship, we interact with our partner in many ways.  We often get into a typical "dance" when [...]

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Giving Process Feedback improves performance

Why You Should Get Into a Growth Mindset .  When it comes to your abilities, your skills are not fixed, but can  grow and change.  Eduardo Briceno explains why having a growth mindset is the most important factor to success at work and in life. via Happify - The Daily Happifier Why You Should Get [...]


Cyberbullying Two thumbs up for Telus, who have just posted a video on cyber bullying called "Let's Discuss Cyberbullying with Bill Belsey of In a little over 8 minutes, the interview talks with kids and parents about Cyberbullying. Here are the highlights. Please click on the link below to see the video. Cyberbullying is [...]

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How do you see into another’s world?

Dan Siegal talks about the neuropsycholgy of empathy. Mirror neurons simulate internal states. Your brain takes in another's emotional state through your "mirror neurons" that influences your brainstem and then the body. You resonate with what you see. You start feeling thirsty as you imagine I am feeling thirsty. You start feeling angry if you [...]

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