40% of Canadians bullied at work

Bullying does not just happen on the playground. Experts say it's a real problem in the workplace, too.  How common is workplace bullying in Canada?  From a CBC news summary, Jacqueline Power, an assistant professor of management at the University of Windsor's Odette School of Business, has spent years researching bullies in the workplace. She [...]

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Cyberbullying Two thumbs up for Telus, who have just posted a video on cyber bullying called "Let's Discuss Cyberbullying with Bill Belsey of bullying.org. In a little over 8 minutes, the interview talks with kids and parents about Cyberbullying. Here are the highlights. Please click on the link below to see the video. Cyberbullying is [...]

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Employers required to have comprehensive anti-bullying policies and procedures

In March 2003, WorkSafe BC amended its policies with specific requirements involving recognizing, preventing and dealing with bullying and harassment, which come into effect Friday, Nov. 1. The new rules require employers to have anti-bullying policies, provide training, and have reporting and complaints procedures for bullying and harassment situations and to keep records of cases. [...]

Workplace Bullying Prevention Act – Respectful Workplaces coming to BC

respectful workplace Want to more respect and civility at work? Want to prevent and reduce bullying in your workplace? There has been an important first step. Just this summer, there was the first reading of a proposed act in British Columbia to prevent workplace bullying. This is very good news. While at this [...]

Five Holiday Stress Busters

The holiday season has kicked off in its usual high voltage style. What will you do to manage the demands of work, family and sometimes ‘impossible’ expectations? In today’s text-driven, multi-tasking world you are most likely wondering how you will find time in your already packed schedule for holiday activities, your job, your family and [...]

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Separate the person from the problem

Most conflicts have two aspects to them that need to be attended to.  There is the person you are dealing with, their relationship with you and the feelings and emotions that are influenced by the relationship.  This is where we often get hooked by falling into the heat of an argument, losing our cool and succumbing [...]

What is a Respectful Workplace?

A respectful workplace is one where we treat each other with respect and dignity and protect each other from unwelcome behaviour like bullying and harassment.  We know through studies that demonstrating compassionate behaviour on its own accounts for improvements of productivity up to 30%.  Why is this?  We seem to know intuitively that if someone [...]

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