How Your Attachment Style Affects Your Relationship

Sue Johnson is the worlds leading authority on Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.  In this short video, she and a panel of Couples Therapy experts talk about how your attachment style affects your relationship.   As a couple in relationship, we interact with our partner in many ways.  We often get into a typical "dance" when [...]

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How to Calm Yourself in a Difficult Situation – Name it to Tame it

Anger rarely happens by itself. It is usually triggered to protect our more vulnerable feelings such as fear, sadness, loneliness, or helplessness in a situation. If we give into reacting to our anger too frequently, we can get taken on a ride of our fight or flight response. Doing this is normal, but if [...]

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Maslow was misunderstood. Meet employees emotional needs for safety and security.

I recently read a great HBR article called , "Make Sure Your Employees’ Emotional Needs Are Met" by Susan David about Maslows "hierarchy" of needs that supports the emerging view that beneath our behaviours and perceptions are underlying primary emotions, and that these emotions are based on feeling secure in our relationships - at home, [...]

Daring to Care at Work builds extraodordinary Culture

Have you ever been worked for someone who treated you like a best friend or family who had more confidence in you than you did yourself?  This is the receipe for taking greater risks, getting more engaged and achieving even more than  you ever thought possible.  I recently read the award-winning book,  Hostage at the [...]

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Get Healthy – Reach out and Connect – Neuroscience research

We now know through hundreds of research studies that our physical and emotional / mental health improves when we are connected to someone who cares for us.  Recent advances in  Neuroscience research and attachment theory is that isolation—not just physical isolation but emotional isolation—is traumatizing for human beings. The brain actually codes it as danger [...]

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Are you there for me? Under most fights, couples are desperate to know this.

We now know what love is says the originator of EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Dr. Sue Johnson. Johnson says it's the continual search for a basic, secure connection with someone else. Through this bond, partners in love become emotionally dependent on each other for nurturing, soothing, and protection.  This article is adapted from Dr. Johnson's [...]

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Dependency gets a bad rap. Reach out and Connect

We have it all wrong.  Our North American culture has framed dependency as a bad thing, a weakness.  Not so say two leaders in the field of neuroscience and relationships, Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Daniel Seigel. Being attached to someone provides our greatest sense of security and safety. It means depending on a partner [...]

Emotionally fulfilling relationships make us well

Relationships are at the core of human experience.  Research in neuroscience has unequivocally found that Emotionally fulfilling relationships make us well.  When we are connected and feeling safe in our relationship, then we have the confidence to venture out and test the world, and interact independently, knowing we have a secure base and a safe [...]

Giving Process Feedback improves performance

Why You Should Get Into a Growth Mindset .  When it comes to your abilities, your skills are not fixed, but can  grow and change.  Eduardo Briceno explains why having a growth mindset is the most important factor to success at work and in life. via Happify - The Daily Happifier Why You Should Get [...]

Can a positive environment decrease Cyberbullying?

I recently read a great article shedding by Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D. shedding some more light on cyberbullying. As a parent, I'm keenly interested in making sure my kids feel safe, whether at school our outside of it.   In his article, he stated that adolescents have been bullying each other for generations. The latest generation, [...]

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