Bullying does not just happen on the playground. Experts say it’s a real problem in the workplace, too.  How common is workplace bullying in Canada?  From a CBC news summary, Jacqueline Power, an assistant professor of management at the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business, has spent years researching bullies in the workplace. She says 40 per cent of Canadians has experienced one or more acts of workplace bullying at least once a week for the last six months.

Power said workplace bullying includes withholding information from a person, excluding staff from meetings, threats and intimidation.

Power called it “a serious problem.”

Workplace bullying stats:

In 1999, the International Labour Organization declared workplace harassment and violence one of the most serious problems facing the workforce in the new millennium. At the time, 75 per cent surveyed said they were bullied at work.

The Canadian Safety Council reports that 75 per cent of victims of bullying leave their jobs and that workplace is four times more common than sexual harassment or workplace discrimination.

Source: CBC News.

“It leads to higher turnover and higher rates of sickness,” she said. “It reduces people’s levels of self confidence.”

Power said workplace bullying is “virtually never reported” to management.

“It’s partly because when people do report bullying in the workplace, they don’t get much support,” Power said.

She said human resources departments and management don’t often respond seriously to the allegations.

“I understand why people don’t do it, because basically the strategy is to wear you down and eventually you’ll walk away from it,” said Jim Johnston, a former Canada Border Services Agency manager who says he is a victim of workplace bullying.

Johnston says he filed grievances and complained directly to the public safety minister’s office. All to no avail, according to Johnston.

Conflicting advice

Power’s two biggest pieces of advice run counter to what is often told to children who are victims of bullying.

Jacqueline Power studies workplace bullying. She says 40 per cent of Canadians are victims. (CBC News)

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