Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. — Marie Curie

Fear…. I’m afraid to even talk about it.  What is it about fear that makes us so afraid of it?  Some say that Fear is Future Events Appearing Real.  So really, we are talking about fear of the future , which is by some extent the definition of anxiety.  So what can Marie Curie tell us about fear?  Marie Curie was the first person to receive a Nobel Prize in two separate disciplines (Chemistry and Physics).  Nothing in life is to be feared, she says, only to be understood.  Imagine what it must have been like for her –  a woman in a profession dominated by men. From her early beginnings of being ‘without options’ in Poland, the loss of her husband and a scandal in later life, Marie Curie faced her fear unabashedly. Her inquiring and scientific mind kept fear at bay remaining ever curious to the possibilities yet undiscovered.

How to be fearless?  Be curious.  Seek to understand what is happening, what you need, what the other needs.  Shifting to this mindset creates so many more possibilities to reach a solution.  It also gives you more power through a more resourceful frame of mind.  Go ahead be fearless.


Where will you stand in the face of fear today and risk discovering something anew?