What’s in a name – why are we Pacific Collaborative?

What's hidden below the surface?










Its not very often that you can name yourself.  How can you define in words what a unique gift you are and what treasures you bring to the world?  Usually that gift is left to our parents or to times where we claim a right of passage and decide to re-name ourselves.  This post is a quick note to explain the philosophy behind the naming of our company.  Our quest was to find a name that truly captured what we stand for and we found it in our own backyard.  Our company name blends the expansive and peaceful depths of the great Pacific with a way of being that is Collaborative in nature.

Pacific Collaborative.

Pacific conveys the common undercurrents ever present below the surface of our conscious awareness.  Pacific, from its latin root, “Pax”  meaning Peace, conveys our wish to restore peace to fractured relationships, whether  with yourself (counselling) or with another (relationship).

Collaborative is the very nature of how we choose to run our business in engaging with you.    That’s what collaboration means to us.

Pacific Collaborative. Our Philosophy, Our Service.